Translation Services are Crucial to Your Business

Translation Services are Crucial to Your Business

The language barrier between businesses is one of the main issues in communication. While English is the third most widely spoken language in the world, many businesses still prefer using their native language.

Roughly 330 million people in the world speak English, but this figure includes people who use it as a second language. So while they can comprehend English perfectly well, communicating in their native language feels more natural.

That is why you need to invest in the best translation services you can. Reaching out to people in their native language increases the chances of getting your message across efficiently.

A business that communicates clearly and effectively is simply more efficient.

Why You Need Translation Services

Why You Need Translation Services

Accurate translation is more important than you might think. Here are some examples of industries that rely heavily on translation.

E-Learning and Education

E-learning brings together students from all around the world. People from various linguistic backgrounds attend these study programs. If you want your students to understand the material properly, you need to translate the education program accurately. Otherwise, students may not be able to understand the information you’re providing.


Global brands that conduct business in different countries deal with many financial transactions. These transactions often involve large sums of money. Businesses must understand the financial contracts, regulations, and compliances of the foreign country clearly. Those that don’t might end up losing money because of an important detail that got lost in translation. Financial documents have to be translated to perfection to prevent such scenarios.


E-commerce services often set up their business overseas. An e-commerce site or app that caters to different languages will be able to grab more customer attention. Translated descriptions, such as the color, size, or use, will help customers understand the product better.

Legal Industry

Legal documents are hard to decode in the first place. When the document is in a different language, understanding the legal aspects becomes even more difficult. An exact translation is the only thing that can save you from getting into legal loopholes with foreign litigations.

Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Translation Service

If the service provider that will handle your translation has these qualities, you are in good hands:

Transcreation Capability

When sentences are translated by a machine, they give you a word-to-word translation. This method of translation often loses the true meaning of the source file, not to mention nuances from both languages.

That is why the translator needs to understand the tone of the original material. Only then can the resulting translation reflect the intent of the original.

Attention To Detail

Some languages have words that are spelled out quite similarly. For example, in French, one small accent over a word can change its meaning.

A translator needs to keep an eye out for such details to provide the correct translation. The same goes for translating homophones. If they misread the original file, the translation will be faulty.

Special Knowledge

When the translator has prior knowledge about the subject of the original file, translations will be more accurate.

For example, if you want to translate a legal document, it will help if the translator has special knowledge about the linguistics used in litigation.

Linguistic Expertise

Translators who grew up in bilingual homes have better-translating capability. Because they speak two or more languages, they understand the concept and focus points of the original source better. Therefore, the chances of getting an accurate translation increase when the translator has prior linguistic expertise.

Time Management

Time management is crucial in translation.

Legal or medical documents need to be translated quite fast. Usually, important decisions have to be made within a time frame, based on the documents.

A translator that can provide fast and accurate translations will come in handy in a situation like this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    What Is a Translation Memory?

Human translators use a database that has a great deal of previously translated data. These previous translations were also made by certified human translators.
Using a translation memory helps with faster, more accurate, and better quality translations.

2.    What Is Back Translation?

Back translation takes an already translated document and reverses it back to its original language, without referencing the original source.
This process is done when you need to be completely certain of the accuracy of the translated file. Documents related to legal or medical industries are usually back-translated.

3.    What Is Transcreation?

Translators use the concept of transcreation to bring out the core message of the original source.
Here, adjustments are made to the translation to match the tone, context, intent, and style of the original message. It’s difficult to understand the true meaning of a document without proper transcreation.

4.    What Is A Crowd-Based Translation?

In crowd-based translation, a file is handed over to a group of translators.
The translators work on the same project simultaneously. It’s a process that you can choose if you need a document translated quickly.

5.    What Does a Translation Service Do?

Translation services convert legal, educational, medical, and other documents from one language to another. These services make sure that a translated file matches the tone, intent, context, and details of the original file.

In Conclusion

Translation errors can cause a business to lose thousands or even millions of dollars. Global brands have been known to lose the whole meaning of a sentence or tagline because of translation errors.

A very popular example of this occurred when HSBC translated their “Assume Nothing” campaign to “Do Nothing” in 2009. Not only did the company get a lot of bad press, but it also lost millions of dollars. To prevent your business from getting into situations like this, you need the best translation services in the market. With accurate translation, you can get the true meaning of your message across.