The Translingua Language Translation Guarantee

Because we are so confident in the professionalism and proficiency of our language interpreters, language translators and localization experts, we provide a comprehensive guarantee for our services.

  • Our language translation services result in the accurate translation of the source document(s) from the native language to the target language(s), In no cases will translated documents include rewriting, copywriting, altering or introducing alternate topics into the translated document(s).

  • The client agrees to notify Translingua in writing within 8 days of any errors or omissions in the translated document(s). Translingua will then edit any omissions, typographical errors, mistranslations, grammatical errors, or any other applicable mistakes on our part. Failure to submit written notification within the 8 day period of time will render the work complete on our part.

  • We are not responsible for any errors due to you providing us with an incorrect document at time the project was agreed upon.

  • We will always ask questions if we don’t understand something, or if the text needs more clarification. However, we are not responsible for poorly written text that we might misunderstand.

  • If after your text is clarified, corrected or improved, we are more than willing to rewrite, correct or modify our translation for an additional cost.

Although we can guarantee your project will be completed accurately and correctly as requested, we cannot guarantee a particular result of your translated document(s). This includes salability, or legal outcome. We vow to help set you up for success with our language translations, but cannot guarantee results beyond that.

Please contact us to discuss our guarantee policy in more detail.