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Best Software Localization Services USA

Translingua’s software localization service prepares your software and associated technical documents for success in your desired target markets. Our software localization service makes sure your product looks and feels authentic, tailored for your target audience. This involves considering cultural, geographic, and technical differences to present your software effectively and appropriately.

We tailor our software localization service to meet your individual needs, product requirements and budgetary situation. We can help you plan and budget for specific test processes, assist you in certain localization processes, or dive right in and undertake the entire process for you. The first step in our software localization service is software internationalization. What is software internationalization? Let’s discuss that right now…

Best Software Localization Services USA

What is Software Internationalization?

Software internationalization is the process of making existing software compatible for efficient, cost-effective localization into any market. In this context, software internalization sets the stage for software localization. Software internationalization is a very complex process involving programming and testing of the software itself, so that it can easily become localized to virtually any language or geographic location. Although this process is very technically involved, performing software internationalization before localization also allows for much more efficient maintenance and expansion afterward.

The Software Localization Service Process

After we complete your software internationalization project, our experts begin the software localization process. Although each project is unique, our software localization process is fairly standardized. This includes localizing the software itself, as well as translating all associated technical documents to the target language.

This process is also very technically complex due to factors like gender and numerical variations between English and the target language. For example, When one command in English can be followed by many sentences and basic text, many languages also deal with gender and number which will vary from sentence to sentence and needs adjustment throughout the software to make sure the rest of the sentence goes uses the right sentence. Our team performs the following basic steps during the course of the software localization process:

  1. We receive and analyze the provided software and documentation
  2. We evaluate the resources and tools necessary to localize
  3. We perform technical, cultural, and linguistic assessments
  4. We create a new or modify an existing, terminology glossary
  5. We translate technical and supporting documentation
  6. We localize documentation and software graphics, scripts, symbols, etc.
  7. We adapt the UI (user interface) as required
  8. We compile and construct the files for testing
  9. We verify the functional and linguistic aspects
  10. We deliver the finished product to you

Translation occurs after the completion of the source document. Our software localization service, however, takes place simultaneously with the development of the source product. For example, we translate a software string while the product is still in its beta phase. When you entrust us with the software localization process, we adhere to your deadlines, take care of all the details, and present you with your finished products at the concurrently.

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Localization vs Translation

It is important to understand the difference between localization vs translation. Localization is not just translating documentation and user interfaces (UIs). Instead, the localization process is very involved, and incredibly specific to the locales and languages you are targeting. The technical facets of localization include:

  1. Culturally appropriate presentation of data and text
  2. Proper structural integrity for right-to-left writing systems
  3. Double-byte character formatting for Asian-based language systems
  4. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for currency standards, search engines, and operating systems
  5. National and cultural variations including calendrical and address layouts

100% Human Language Translation and Localization Services

Translingua provides our clients with 100% human language translation and localization services custom-tailored to your specific needs. Although our programmers utilize cutting-edge software, human experts oversee your project every step of the way.

Our translators and editors do not use artificial intelligence or machine translation programs that can compromise accuracy and integrity. They use their own database of approved terms and sentences to make the translation process efficient and consistent. We welcome you to contact us with any questions you have about our human language translation and localization services.

Translingua Software Localization Services

Since 1976, Translingua has helped companies and businesses prepare their products for success in the global marketplace. Our localization experts are also native speakers of over 6500 languages and dialects presently in use worldwide. This means our software localization services have you covered regardless of your industry and target audience. Contact us to discuss your specific localization needs or learn more about our software localization services.

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