Medical Device Translation Services

Translingua’s medical device translation services ensure precise product documentation. Successful medical device document translation must manage regulatory risk by eliminating the chance for product liability claims through accurate, naturally flowing translations from the source language to the target language.

Medical device translation services must also take branding and literary structure into account to mitigate any potential cultural differences between existing and new markets. Our medical device translation services accomplish this by providing you with a triple team of ATA and Supreme Court Certified linguists, professional editors and medical industry experts.

Medical Device Document Translation

Our medical device document translation services cover every form of production material, including:

  • Operation, Installation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Surgical and Medical Device Patents
  • Product Usage Instructions
  • Development Safety Update Reports (DSUR)
  • Labels, Inserts, and Manuals for Packages
  • Documents and Interfaces for Software Programs
  • Descriptions of Manufacturing Processes
  • Medical and Usage Disclaimer Documents
  • Sales and Marketing Materials
  • Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions (SUSAR)

100% Human Medical Translation Services

Translingua offers 100% human medical translation services. Although our teams utilize an extensive database they create to help retain industry specific terminology throughout each file, we never use artificial intelligence software or machine translation programs that can compromise the literary composition and structure of your documents. The result of our human medical translation services is packaging, instructions and any accompanying documentation that reads and appears as though it was never translated from one language to another.

Translingua Medical Device Translations

Since 1976, our medical device translations have helped numerous medical and pharmaceutical companies bring their products to hundreds of different target markets with maximum efficiency, effectiveness and minimal risk .

We also provide full service typesetting and desktop publishing services to ensure packaging, instructions and documentation are formatted and presented appropriately and accurately.

Translingua’s certified linguists, professional editors and medical experts are here to provide you with accurate, reliable device translations for medical products of all types and uses. Contact us today to obtain a free estimate!