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Professional Chinese Translation Services

Are you looking for a professional language translation company to accurately and quickly translate certificates, technical documents, websites, or software applications? Look no further than Translingua.

Above all, we have one of the largest teams of professional Chinese native speakers and Mandarin experts, specially trained to accurately translate highly technical content in the legal, financial, medical, manufacturing, telecommunications and online retail sectors and many more.

Our Professional Chinese translation services offer utmost linguistic quality while ensuring fast response and competitive prices. Translingua’s technology-driven translation solutions support translation memory, terminology management and contextual language verification, enabling our professional linguists to  translate your content efficiently, securely and on-demand.

Expert and quick certified Translations

Although English and Chinese are two of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, they are extremely different; each contains its own linguistic intricacies and complexities. The Chinese language is highly contextual, which means that small changes in character composition can completely change the meaning of a sentence. This poses a challenge for any professional translator who needs to fully understand the  purpose of a sentence.

With seven different Chinese dialects and many other local dialects that are often not mutually intelligible, the intended audience of a  translated text must also be carefully considered. A typeface that works for one part of the population may not work for another, meaning only translators with a firm understanding of regional differences can be trusted to produce work that will have the desired impact.

 As a language rich in idioms and phrases of its own, a Chinese translator needs to have these in their understanding of the English language as well to avoid losing meaning in their translations.

Expert and quick certified Translations

Benefits of Chinese Translation

There are several reasons why business owners choose to translate their marketing content into Chinese. For example, international partnerships can seem like a fabulous opportunity. Therefore, they need translations to sell their products to international customers and increase their market reach. The translation service provider will help you not only to translate your content, but also to adapt it for your target group.

Important documents that Benefits of Chinese people translate USCIS certified document translation requirements - Form I-130

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Quality you can trust

By ordering a Chinese translation, you gain access to native Chinese speakers experienced in translating to and from Chinese. Additionally, our platform has many built-in QA tools to ensure quality and accuracy on all your projects.

Speed and scale

Most companies have urgent translation needs. Translingua offers support to ensure all your content is translated into Chinese quickly, whether you need to translate two hundred words or two million.

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Consistent, high-quality Chinese-English translation services

High-quality Chinese translations require professional language skills, subject matter expertise and localization best practices.

As a certified translation company, Translingua provides the best Chinese translation services on time and on budget, putting our clients  ahead of the competition in international markets. Don’t take our word for it, try Translingua for your next Chinese translation project and find out how we can help you turn your translation investment into faster business success in China.

Translingua provides fast and professional Chinese document translation services for technical documents, user manuals, legal reports, information leaflets (IFU), marketing materials, training manuals and more. Graphics localization and multilingual desktop publishing.

Translingua is a leading provider of professional English to Chinese translations, helping our clients accelerate  business success in China by quickly delivering high-quality Chinese communications for their products and services.

 The significant differences between the Chinese and English languages ​​in terms of syntax, grammar, and writing systems make it challenging for the average translation company to produce consistent, high-quality results. That’s why you need Translingua. A team consisting of highly qualified and experienced English to Chinese translators who will translate your content in a linguistically fluent and culturally correct manner.

Chinese Translation Services can help you in many ways.

Understanding local laws is important if you want to be successful in a foreign country. What is legal and correct in one country may be completely wrong in another. This is where reliable language service providers can help you enormously. Although there are many international rules that apply everywhere, each country has a specific set of rules. Therefore, you must study the local regulations and laws in detail and understand them very well.

Involving professional business translations can help you gain credibility. We ensure that your brand and company message is never lost. Because, with the help of translation, you can navigate the global market. Your brand image is important to draw the attention of your target market to your company. Translating your content into the local language of different foreign markets is a good way. When your customers find content in their preferred language, they  think  you value them. This increases your reliability.

Translations help you to be one step ahead of your competitors. How many companies do you think invest in a translation strategy when they want to enter foreign markets? Not so many! In addition, when you enter such a market, you are not only competing with international companies, but also with the local companies. That means you need to have concise and strong messages that follow the local voice.

Chinese Translation services from Translingua can help you build a successful marketing or promoting strategy. When you’re ready to launch a serious email marketing campaign for your business and cover all the countries where your brand is present,  you need to rely on your trusted translation partner. You need help translating keywords and finding relevant tags that can increase the number of site visitors who can later become your customers.

By having your online profile translated into one or more languages, you benefit from a high online presence. Your target audience will feel valued as soon as they visit your website. This helps in expanding your business across borders. This may help you understand why website translation is important.

A smart translation strategy can influence the growth of your team. As you expand your business, you will know that you  need to hire local people. They can help you  succeed with their local knowledge and network. A translation will help you to avoid misunderstandings. when it comes to telling  your plans and goals.

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Chinese translations are necessary for businesses to enter new markets, also for submitting legal documents or certificates. It is absolutely necessary for effective communication between you and the Chinese people. Also, in spreading new information, translation is something that can change history.

  • Legal services
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Financial services, along with manufacturing,
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment and gaming
  • Travel and tourism
  • Scientific research.

When the content is properly translated, customers can get a real feel for what you offer and what the company stands for. This way they can make orders knowing what to expect.

Bilinguals often and rightly ask if they can translate their own documents into English for submission to USCIS. The answer is “no.” So, you cannot translate your certificates into any particular language and submit the translation for your application to USCIS.

The document is certified by a fully qualified translator or translation company (accredited to provide certificates of conformity). They certify that the translation is a “faithful and accurate translation of the original.”

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