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Translingua is a renowned Desktop Publishing Translation and Typesetting Services provider in USA.

DTP Translation & Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

Once our teams of expert language translators translate your documents, it is time to focus on its physical formatting and visual presentation. Some documents can be formatted as we translate them, others will need to be typeset for printing or publishing. Typesetting translation and desktop publishing translation takes place after the language translation process is complete, and therefore are considered separate but still essential language translation services. These services properly optimize your newly translated documents for your target audience.

  • Typesetting Translation refers to the physical or digital composition of text, based specifically on the target language’s characters, sentence structure, symbols, and other literary features. Additional charges apply for typesetting.​
  • Desktop Publishing Translation refers to the design element of translated document presentation, specifically maintaining the original (or desired) appearance of your document in its target language. Depending upon the degree of work involved, desktop publishing services can be included in the translation cost of some projects but can incur additional costs for others.

Typesetting Translation

For example, typesetting translation is necessary for languages including Hebrew and Arabic that read from right to left—which is the opposite direction of English and most other languages. Languages like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean Russian and Greek that use other characters and letters than English need to be typeset before printing or publication.

If the original document contains graphs, charts, images or other graphic media for advertising, publications, instruction manuals, labels, packaging, etc.—then the document needs typesetting to incorporate those same graphics, logos charts into the new translation. This is especially necessary for documents being translated into the above-mentioned languages

typesetting translation

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Industry Specific Desktop Publishing and Typesetting Translation

Our teams of desktop publishing translation experts precisely and seamlessly recreate the look and feel of your source documents. We have extensive experience with many of the major graphic design tools and applications, including:

  • InDesign
  • FrameMaker
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Corel
  • Dreamweaver
  • QuarkXPress

Geographic and Culturally Specific Localization Services

We also offer comprehensive localization services to ensure your business maximizes its international presence, while minimizing or eliminating culturally and geographically induced risk. Localization refers to adapting graphic images and literary content from the native, source culture to the target culture(s) and audience(s). After all, there are many cultural norms and geographic specifies that must be taken into account when a document, product or service is presented or marketed globally. Learn more

Our expert teams of certified language translators, typesetters and desktop publishers specialize in localization protocols for many cultures and geographic regions worldwide. We will not only ensure your document is translated accurately and seamlessly, but also that it is physically or digitally formatted, and visually presented in a manner that maximizes its effectiveness and therefore, your success.

Contact us today to discuss our comprehensive translation/typesetting/desktop publishing services either individually or as a package—as well as to receive your free consultation and price quote.

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