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Translingua Translation Services Client Testimonials

Since 1976, our language translators and interpreters have been dutifully serving a diverse array of clientele in San Diego, and from all across the world. Needless to say that in this time, we have amassed many satisfied customers who are happy to vouch for the quality of our language translation services. Please take a few moments to look at what they have to say…

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Dan & Mary CoyleDan & Mary Coyle
14:18 30 Jun 17
We have worked with Translingua for over 10 years, and as a global manufacturer we have translation requirements that span from Canada to South America, and Europe to the Far East. Nicole and her team have been able to address any request we have, no matter how complicated or technically challenging. They continually provide excellent customer service and timely response. We would highly recommend their translation services.
Anne BisekAnne Bisek
19:13 27 Jun 17
Nicole from Translingua is absolutely amazing. We had guests from France and we were taking them to Napa Valley. We wanted to surprise them with a French-speaking guide. We of course called Nicole and she immediately took on the challenge since we only gave her two days for this task. She found us two employees of a winery who were not only French-speaking nationals but turned out they were from the same region as our guests! Watching my guests converse with them about wine in their native language was an unforgettable moment.Dr. Anne Bisek
Mariana HaouliMariana Haouli
16:38 12 Jun 17
I work for a manufacturing company in Vista California and we have been using Translingua Services for over 20 years for different projects and different languages. They are high level customer service and always do their best to give priority to the projects. Nicole never disappoints us and always provide good quality work in a timely manner. Thank you Nicole and her team for all the work you have done for us for these many years. We really appreciate your excellent work. I highly recommend Translingua! Mariana H.
Joanne KissingerJoanne Kissinger
19:15 31 May 17
I have been using Translingua for over 15 years for various projects including booklets, flyers and other printed material. I depend upon Nicole and her team, and she never disappoints. I have had documents translated and typeset in 11 different languages, and I have never had a problem, an error, or an issue with the final piece. We work really well together, she always hears what I need and fills that need promptly and efficiently. I would recommend Translingua for all of your translation projects. I have sent other clients to her without hesitation and have received glowing reports from them as well.
Shelly UlajShelly Ulaj
20:37 12 Jul 16
Working in the legal field, and specifically at a firm where we specialize in Maritime Law, it is crucial to find great and reliable vendors since a lot of times things tend to move quickly around here. I had the privilege of working with Nicole and each and every time, she has met our expectations and deadlines in terms of getting documents translated. Not only is she friendly and super professional, but is thorough and takes the initiative. I never have to worry about following up with her as she has always been on top of our projects. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to get something translated quick, precise and easy (and affordable!).

We have used Translingua services many times and always found them to be prompt, precise and polite. They always deliver what we need. They will work with you until you have the file format that you need, and will not stop until you are satisfied. We highly recommend them, they will not disappoint you.  

Having Translingua as a resource is a tremendous asset to our organization. They are reliable and highly skilled and we trust them to provide both high-quality simultaneous meeting interpretation and written translation. Our Spanish-speaking clients and constituents are consistently satisfied with the services Translingua provides, which means we are able to provide better, more accessible service to the community. We have developed a wonderful working relationship with Translingua. Coordinating assignments is effortless.  Translingua is always accommodating; they are always available when we need them. When other aspects of our work can be so hectic and challenging, it is so wonderful to work with such a professional, capable, reliable service, truly enhancing the services we provide without adding administrative frustration.  It helps keep me sane to know I can count on Translingua to meet our language interpretation and translation needs!  Sometimes I just don’t know what I’d do without them!

It’s all true! It’s great working with you!

Human and Health Services
San Diego County


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I’ve been using Translingua for my translation needs for more than 10 years. Their service has always been prompt and professional, not to mention very cordial. The price is always fair and attention to detail is superb.

Thank you again. You do an outstanding job. It makes my job so much easier at this end as you keep my formatting and pagination as much as possible…really high quality work once again. Thank you.

Toni A. Occhipinti
Corporate Services Director
McAlister Institute


We have contracted with Translingua for as long as we’ve needed translation services (I’m guessing 10-15 years).  Our requirements are numerous; highly technical text within the semi-conductor industry (most Asian with necessitates a lot of detail), quick (often rush) turnaround, interface with our graphics production, reasonable pricing, able to be included and helpful in client meetings and, most importantly, accuracy.  Nicole has always delivered all the above in a professional, courteous and helpful manner. Plus…I just love her accent!

You guys did a great job on this by the way. Not only did you figure out a way for us to save some money, but I notice you caught a lot of the mistakes I made AND all the text I accidentally omitted, so thanks again!!

Kelly Stroud
Easton Bell Sports


I have been doing business with Translingua for at least ten years. Their prompt service is beyond compare. I was often asked to get quotes from other companies but always went back to them as I knew they were reliable and always competitively priced. You always felt like YOU were their most important customer.‎

Kay Cleland
Linear Corporation


Translingua has given me superlative translations for the fifteen years I have used their service. It is not easy to get reliable translations for video game and electronics user guides due to the nuances of specialized jargon. Translingua gets it right. We avoid the legal problems that bad translation can bring by using them. Their price is right and their accuracy is the highest.‎

Jim Wible
Graphic Designer


I’ve been using Translingua for my translation needs for more than 10 years. Their service has always been prompt and professional, not to mention very cordial. The price is always fair and attention to detail is superb.

Mike Azarian
International Probate Research
4455 Lamont Street, Suite 2
San Diego, CA 92109


Translingua has been an important partner for BRG Sports for many years. They have done a very good job of meeting all our translations needs for packaging, catalogs and websites in a timely manner.

I would recommend Translingua to anyone looking for high quality translation services.

Casey Potter
Creative Director


I work for a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes electronic devices and we obviously need to create user manuals for our product in several languages. After doing business with several translating companies, Translingua has definitely set the standard of quality and customer services. Their rates were more than reasonable and our documents were also completed in a timely manner. I will undoubtedly continue to do business with them.‎

Norberto Alonzo


I have been working with Translingua for a little over a year now and I love the fast and accurate service I get from them. Nicole is especially kind and understanding! Translingua has even found mistakes in past translations we have received. I definitely recommend Translingua for all of your translations.‎

Derek Ouellette
Angles Beauty Care Group, Inc


Big thanks for doing a great job with this. I’d be happy to be reference if you need another one that talks highly of you.

Nick Musica
Director of SEO & Usability


You are always so responsive.  Thank you for being so easy to work with.
It really is such a pleasure to work with you.

Engstrom, Eley


I have been sending out for translations for over 5 years and out of all services I have utilized Translingua has been the best. They were referred to us by a very well known company and we have kept with them ever since. They catch things even our engineers miss….that is an added bonus. Thank you Translingua for your wonderful service.‎

David Hill
Graphic Designer
Hampton Products, Inc


As a PR and marketing company here in San Diego, I have used Translingua’s services on numerous occasions. I can count on Nicole and her team of translators to turn translations around in a timely fashion, as well as be proactive and ask to clarify meanings before moving ahead with a translation. They are highly sensitive to cultural nuances. I even have them check translation words my clients give me for their signage — I need to know for sure they are accurate. I would highly recommend Translingua.

Susan Almon-Pesch, CME
Market 4 Profit 


I have used Translingua many times for insurance contracts and they have always been, professional, prompt and accurate. I highly recommend them.

Jan Hoffman


I have a large company in San Diego and have a need for fast and reliable translation services. Translingua was recommended to me and they have proven to be outstanding. Nicole is fabulous to work with, gives very quick turnaround, and her prices are very competitive. I give her company the highest rating.

Cameron West, Ph.D.‎


Our firm’s experience with Nicole and her team at Translingua has been superb. For several years, now, I have requested translation services on small and large projects. The attention to detail is fantastic, we’ve been appraised of the project’s status throughout the process, and the deadlines are met. On many occasions, I have had to request numerous, certified translators for assistance throughout the state of California, and Nicole has delivered top quality, professional translators each and every time. We have never been disappointed in the services offered by Translingua, and I’ve often recommended Translingua to others.

Judy Miller
Paul Hastings LLP Law firm


We have used Translingua services many times and always found them to be prompt, precise and polite. They always deliver what we need. They will work with you until you have the file format that you need, and will not stop until you are satisfied. We highly recommend them, they will not disappoint you.  

Joanne Kissinger
Vista Graphics


I have worked with Nicole for many years, and she never ceases to amaze me with her attention to every detail, her excellent customer service, and her ability to achieve what seems impossible. On our latest project together, I received a request from our UK office that reached me at 5:30 pm, for which they needed a translation turned around by 9 am their time the next morning. Nicole reached out to her translators, found one who could deliver in the short window of time, and got it done. Nicole saved the day!‎

Kim Gregory
Cubic Corporation

Here are some more testimonials from our satisfied clients that have been sourced directly from our Google+ and YP Online review pages…



Great and responsive service! I have been using Translingua for over 10 years, and have fond them to be unfailingly responsive and accurate. For contractual matters it is imperative that the translations reflect as close as possible to the original language and intent, while not over-embellishing. I have found the Translingua accomplishes that in a clear, succinct manner, and they are very easy with whom to work.

Who can ask for more? I would recommend them in a heartbeat! 



Nicole Deuvaert and her staff offer exceptional translation services. I send her several public notices a month and she always returns the translations prior to my deadline. There are times when I have asked her to expedite a notice and she always comes through for me.

I have the upmost confidence and respect for her skills and those of her staff. 

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