Legal Interpreter Services

Translingua is a renowned Legal Interpreter Services provider in USA.

Certified Legal Interpreter Services

Translingua’s certified legal interpreter services ensure accurate, reliable communication in and out of the courtroom. Our certified foreign language interpreters are experts in various facets of the legal system. They are Superior Court Certified to serve your needs at local, state and federal levels.

Certified Legal Interpreter Services in USA

With over 6500 languages and dialects currently spoken worldwide covered, our certified legal interpreter assistance serves institutions in the justice system, law firms, immigration attorneys, immigrants, international students, United States citizens relocating abroad temporarily or permanently, and businesses of all industrial varieties.

Our certified interpreters in the Superior Court help minimize errors in court, immigration, or corporate settings. They are especially crucial when a client’s freedom, citizenship, contract, or job is at stake.

Legal Interpreting Services

Our certified legal interpreting services are available for all in-person, telephone and video conferencing situations. Our legal interpreting services can assist you in:

  • Trials and Depositions
  • Litigation/Arbitration
  • Insurance Statements
  • Preliminary Hearings
  • Conference Calls
  • Attorney-Client Meetings
  • Contractual Proceedings
  • Medical Examinations

Superior Court Certified Interpreters

When you choose Translingua’s legal interpreting services, you benefit from Superior Court Certified interpreters. Superior Court Certification guarantees that a legal interpreter knows the US Judicial System at the local, state, and federal levels. Our Superior Court Certified interpreters have demonstrated the extensive knowledge and expert proficiency necessary to fulfill all legal interpreting needs at every level.

Court Certified Interpreters
Legal ASL Interpreting Service

Legal ASL Interpreting Service

We are proud to offer legal ASL interpreting services to meet the needs of deaf and hearing impaired clients. Our ASL interpreting service uses certified ASL interpreters from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).

Additionally, every interpreter also holds either Advanced (Level IV) or Master (Level V) qualifications. These qualifications allow our interpreters to provide legal interpretation inside and outside of the courtroom. Contact us to learn more about our legal ASL interpreting services.

Legal Translation Services

In addition to our certified legal interpreter services, we offer our clients certified translation services. Our legal translation services connect you with skilled teams of certified linguists, proofreaders, and legal experts.

Our panel of legal experts includes prosecution and defense attorneys, arbitrators, litigators, paralegals, and state or federal judges. Our experts check all documents for accuracy, and our teams follow confidentiality agreements and privacy requirements. Contact us to learn more about our legal translation services.

Translingua Legal Interpretation Services

Translingua has been providing certified legal interpretation services since 1976. They are trusted by individuals, attorneys, law firms, and government agencies. Our legal interpretation services ensure effective communication and understanding for you and your clients, overcoming language barriers. Contact us to learn more about our Superior Court Certified legal interpretation services, or to obtain a free quote.

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