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Escorting Services

Being a visitor in a city with foreign cultural, linguistic, social and environmental customs can be intimidating and potentially dangerous. Many people who visit America for the first time are not prepared for the sights, sounds, customs and scenery that dot our national landscape. Differences in language and cultural customs can easily lead to misunderstandings and discomfort that sully the experiences of the visitor, as well as the reputation of our great nation.
This is why it is vitally important to make sure foreign guests and visitors have access to someone who understands their culture, as well as the various cultural and social norms prevalent throughout the United States. At Translingua, our language interpreters and tour guides have spent the past 39 years escorting visitors in San Diego and the great state of California. Our language interpreters are all native speakers of their target languages and dialects—meaning they have first hand, personal experience with the cultural background of the foreign visitor(s). This allows our language interpreters and tour guides to not only bridge the language interpreting gap, but the cultural communication gap as well.

We Escort Foreign Visitors for all Reasons

Our language interpreters and tour guides enjoy a wonderful relationship with private, public and governmental agencies, organizations and institutions throughout the San Diego area—that trust us with escorting foreign visitors associated with them as guests and visitors. These agencies, organizations and institutions represent all walks of life and industrial backgrounds, including:

  • Military
  • Business
  • Personal
  • Athletics/Sports
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Academic
  • Professional
  • Industrial
  • Entertainment

Our language translators have escorted foreign dignitaries, athletes, entertainers, scholars, CEO’s, and many other people—all who are essentially important to us regardless of stature, prominence or profession.

VIP Escort and Support Services

Translingua offers its customers comprehensive, full service and personalized escorting services to meet every need—including airport pick up by bus or limo, help with the hotel reservations and check-in, interpreter-based concierge services, badges collection, meal reservations, and verification of all details for a smooth stay during their time in San Diego. Our destination tour guides can be available for the duration of a visitor’s stay, up to the time they will be dropped off at the Airport for their return home.

Ethical and Reliable San Diego Translation Company

We extensively vet the language interpreters we trust with escorting foreign visitors and serving as tour guides throughout the San Diego area. This includes monitoring their compliance with non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, as well as their strict adherence to the Translingua code of ethics.
Our escorting services and language interpreters are available for however long or short of duration is required—and in whatever professional, legally adhering capacity is necessary, in order to ensure a visitor’s stay in our city goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Please contact us today to inquire further about how Translingua San Diego translations company serves our esteemed, valued foreign guests, including receiving your free price quote.

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