Certified Transcript Translation Services

Translingua is a renowned Certified Transcript Translation Services provider in USA.

Certified Transcript Translation Services

Translingua’s certified transcript translation services are accurate, reliable, and fast. Our transcript translation services help students studying abroad, professionals embarking on foreign job positions, immigrants and emigrants coming to or from the United States, transcription of tapes for court, and more.

Our certified translation services feature teams of American Translators Association (ATA) certified linguists, professional proofreaders/editors, and industry experts whose experience matches up with the specific type of transcript translations you need.

Our professional transcript translation services ensure your documents read and flow as though they were never translated from one language to another. This eliminates potentially costly errors that can occur when improperly translated transcripts are submitted to governing bodies. We also certify your transcript translations to ensure compliance and acceptance.

Transcript Translations Services

Our professional transcript translations are available in over 6500 languages and dialects are presently spoken worldwide. Some of the most common types of transcript translations we perform include:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Legal Transcripts
  • Business Transcripts
  • Medical Transcripts
  • Military Transcripts

If you are entering the United States for study or work, our transcript translation service adheres to United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) guidelines. If you are leaving to study or work abroad, we team up with local experts who provide transcript translations based on the specific requirements of the nation to which you are headed.

College Transcript Translation Services

Our college transcript translation services fulfill specific university and USCIS guidelines. Our college transcript translation services help both foreign students coming to the United States to study, as well as American students who are leaving to study abroad. In these cases, our college transcript translation services teams include local industry experts who understand the specific requirements and guidelines for the institutions/nations in which you will be studying. Whether you need high school, college or university transcript translations, our college transcript translation services have you covered.

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Translingua Professional Transcript Translation Services

Since 1976. Translingua’s professional transcript translation service has fulfilled the needs of people from all cultures, backgrounds and walks-of-life. With certified linguists who are also native speakers of over 6500 languages and dialects are spoken worldwide, our professional transcript translation service will fulfill your needs regardless of transcript type and target language. Please contact us to learn more about our certified transcript translation services, or to obtain a free quote.

We Translate a Transcript the Right Way

Translingua is a 100% human document translation company. We translate a transcript the right way because we do not use artificial intelligence or machine translation programs that can compromise the accuracy and integrity of your transcripts. However, our translators and editors do use a database, created by them, of accepted terms and sentences, which makes the translation process efficient and consistent throughout the file. With ATA certified translators and professional proofreaders/editors, you receive reliable human translations every time. Make sure you trust a human document translation company to translate a transcript the right way, so that you do not suffer from costly errors made by machine translations.

Arabic translation FAQ


A. A transcript is documentation of the permanent academic record of a student, which usually includes all courses taken, grades and honors received, and degrees given to a student.

A. Some of the most common types of transcript translations we perform include: Academic Transcripts, Legal Transcripts, Business Transcripts, Medical Transcripts and Military Transcripts

A. If you plan to study or work overseas, we partner up with local specialists who will provide transcript translations based on the specific criteria of the country you are going to.

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