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Translingua Language Translation Services in USA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality language translation services, language interpreting and localization services are available anywhere in the world. This includes our policy of transparent communication and customer service for each client we serve, and every task we perform. In this spirit, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, in order to help educate you about our policies, procedures, and services. If you do not see your question listed below, please contact us so that we can answer it personally.

How much do your services cost?

The cost for our services is entirely dependent upon what your translation, interpreting, and/or localization needs are. Although we are not the least expensive company in the business, we are definitely the highest quality. Therefore, it pays to allow us to fulfill your needs first—versus coming to us to redo it and thus, pay twice for the job you should only have to pay once for. Contact us for a free, no-obligation price quote today.

How do you evaluate the cost of my project?

The cost is based on a combination of the estimated word count to be translated, the difficulty of the text, the deadline, and the language(s) that the document needs to be translated into. If your document needs to be typeset that will be an additional cost. If you provide us with a PDF of the actual layout of your document we can also provide you with the cost for typesetting.

Can you give me an accurate quote if I give you the word count?

Yes. If you provide us with the word count, the language(s) you want it translated into, typesetting requirements, and what type of document it is, we can give you the quote over the phone. However, we reserve the right to change the quote once we have the document in hand if there are specifics that were not relayed to us over the phone—like a higher or lower word count, unmentioned typesetting requirements, etc.

Do you ever use machine translation or artificial intelligence (AI) software?

No, we don’t. Many companies do, and this allows them to complete projects very quickly, but wholly sub-par versus utilizing a human-based translation protocol. We refuse to compromise the integrity, quality, and accuracy of your translation projects by using machine translation and AI software programs.

Do I need certification or notarization services?

This is entirely dependent upon whether or not your project requires these services. A certification can be just an Affidavit signed in front of a Notary public or in some cases the Court of the Attorney might need a “Translator’s” certification. In this case it’s a specific paragraph added to the end of the translation stating that the translation has been performed accurately and correctly. Notarization is required for all legal and some personal documents, including wills and trusts. If you are having a document translated for an organization or institution, please ask them if it is required. Notary or translator’s certification will be an addition fee.

How will Translingua protect my information?

Your personal information and documents are of the utmost importance to us. Our security measures exceed standard business practices where information storage is concerned. Our language translators, language interpreters, and localization experts all sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, as outlined in our comprehensive code of ethics. We do not solicit or share your personal information with any party either inside our outside of Translingua. We do not contact you through emails or letters—and only contact you regarding incoming translation inquiries or during the translation, interpretation, or localization process for questions we might have regarding clarifications we might need about your document.

How do I know your translation or interpretation is correct?

Still going strong 39 years into our existence, we are the oldest and most established language translation business in San Diego County, and one of the oldest in the state of California. We only select the most experienced, qualified, and certified/accredited language translators and interpreters in the business. We also can provide client feedback, referrals and testimonials vouching for our unwavering expertise and accuracy.

Will you certify a document that was translated elsewhere?

Simply stated, no we won’t. We have unwavering faith in our language translators, which is why we allow them to represent both you and Translingua. However, we do offer editing services, and can thoroughly edit the existing translation. Once it is up to our standards, then we can certify it.

How long will my project take to complete?

It depends entirely on the size of your project. For projects less than 2000 words, we might be able to fit them immediately into our schedule and translate them within 24 hours. We will always try our best to to meet your needs if it’s humanly possible. But because we personally attend to each client’s needs individually, and only use human-based translation protocols, we cannot offer 24-hour turnaround service for larger projects, like some companies do. We avoid charging our clients RUSH rates if we can. However if a project is due overnight and we have to put a larger number of language translators on your project to meet your deadline, we might have to charge you a RUSH RATE for having our team work through the night to finish your job.

But please understand the companies that promise to translate projects of any size in a very short period are using machine translation services, and therefore are providing an inaccurate and potentially liable product—even if they try to convince you otherwise. A human language translation team can successfully translate between 2500-3500 words daily. This figure can change depending on the technical nature of the document and certain other factors. So please plan ahead and contact us before your project is due to ensure it is completed on time.

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