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Since 1980 providing Foreign Language Interpreter Services in USA

Professional Foreign Language Interpreter Service

Translingua’s foreign language interpreter services are available in over 6500 languages and dialects currently spoken worldwide. Our interpreters can help you and your audience in various places like boardrooms, classrooms, conference rooms, and courtrooms.

Our interpreters are native speakers of their languages. They are also experts in business, legal, medical, education, insurance and technical industries, among others.

Whether you need one interpreter for a small meeting, or a team of simultaneous interpreters for a large conference, our foreign language interpreting services have you covered. 

Certified Sign Language Interpreter Service

Our certified sign language interpreter service proudly serves the hearing impaired community. Our interpreters are experts in American Sign Language (ASL). They have official certification from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). Our sign language interpreters are certified in general ASL and specialized fields like education, law, business, and medicine.

We can assist with on-stage interpreting for big crowds or provide direct help for any individual needs. Please contact us to learn more about our certified sign language interpreter service.

Certified Sign Language Interpreter Service

Language Interpretation Services

We offer three types of professional language interpretation services based on your specific situation and needs:

  1. Language Interpretation services occur simultaneously with a speaker’s presentation. You can provide these services either one-on-one or in a group setting. We utilize headsets and wireless receivers to facilitate this service. This service requires multiple interpreters, especially in big events, as it is mentally and physically demanding.
  2. Consecutive Language Interpretation Services occur when a speaker pauses to let the interpreter repeat what they just said to the audience. This service is usually used in smaller places like a courtroom, boardroom, or doctor’s/attorney’s office. It doesn’t need multiple translators or wireless devices.
  3. Telephone Language Interpretation Services that take place during a phone call between two or more people. The interpreter can be on the phone, passing information between two parties, or on a conference call with them. This service lets you call other countries for medical, legal, or customer care appointments without being there.

You Can Trust Our Language Interpreter Experts​

Our language interpreters have been helping people in San Diego, California, nationwide, and even worldwide since 1976. They assist individuals in effective communication and gaining a deeper understanding of the world. Our language interpretation services are the best in the industry.

With over 6500 languages spoken worldwide, our language interpreter experts can meet all your needs. Trust the language interpreter experts at Translingua to help verbally bridge the communication gap smoothly, seamlessly and comfortably for each and every occasion.

Language Interpreter Experts​

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Professional Interpreting Services

Since 1976, Translingua’s professional interpreting services have reliably, accurately and ethically helped tens of thousands of people express themselves and better understand the world around them. No matter the specific language or dialect, our professional interpreting services have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our professional foreign Language Interpreter services, or to obtain a quote.

Professional Interpreting Services
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