Foreign Language Interpretation Service

Translingua’s foreign language interpretation service employs only ethical, professional and accurate language interpreters to facilitate every type of language interpretation project. Our extensive vetting process ensures we provide you with the most precise language interpretation services available anywhere.

Our foreign language interpretation service allows you to excel in a multitude of settings including:



Conference Rooms


Government Agencies


Phone Calls


Personal Medical

As the United States grows more diverse, the need for a reputable, reliable and accurate foreign language interpretation service to help bridge the verbal communication gap grows with it.

Language Interpreting Services
Language interpreting services involve translating spoken words from one language to another. Language interpreters perform this service in person consecutively or simultaneously, as well as over-the-phone…
Simultaneous language interpreting services are performed at the same time the speaker is speaking. Because of the instantaneous nature of these type of language interpretation services, special equipment like headsets and wireless receivers are usually required. Simultaneous services are performed most often in conference or convention settings. If you have ever watched a United Nations summit on television, and have seen delegates wear headsets while the main speaker has the podium, you have witnessed simultaneous language interpreting in action. Simultaneous language interpretation is very mentally and physically exhaustive, and therefore usually requires multiple language interpreters working in shifts.
Consecutive language interpreting services are performed during momentary interludes when the speaker takes a pause after a few sentences so the language interpreter can repeat those sentences to the person/people requiring language interpretation. Because of this, sound equipment is not necessarily required. Consecutive language interpreting services are usually performed in smaller settings, such as a courtroom or meeting room. In this case, an attorney asks a question, which a language interpreter then shares with the client. When the client answers in their native language, the language interpreter then relays the answer verbatim to the attorney, as well as the rest of the courtroom population.
Telephone language interpreter services, or over-the-phone interpreting, are performed during a phone conversation between two or more people. The language interpreter can either be on one end of the phone directly relating the message from the one party to the other or on a conference call between two parties. Telephone language interpreter services are usually used for overseas phone calls, medical or legal appointments, and even customer service/sales situations. The language interpreter does not need to be physically present for telephone interpreting services to take place.
American Sign language interpreter services are performed for people with hearing impairments. The American Sign Language interpreter can either be onstage (for a large group during a conference of performance), or directly in front of a smaller group or individual. American Sign Language (ASL) is the predominant form of sign language for hearing impaired communities throughout the United States and Canada.
Our Language Interpreters Areas of Expertise
Our language interpreters specialize in providing personalized, accurate and reliable professional language interpretation services in many areas and fields, including:
  • Court Hearings/Trials/Legal Depositions
  • Meetings/Conferences/Seminars
  • Medical Hearings/Examinations
  • Insurance Investigation Interviews
  • American Sign Language
Additionally, we also offer comprehensive language interpretation services for tourism and exploration purposes, including:
  • Guided Tours/Tour Groups
  • Escorting Foreign Guests
  • Overseas Escorts

You Can Trust our Language Interpreter Experts

Since 1976, our professional language interpreter experts have helped tens of thousands of citizens in and around San Diego, California, nationwide and even worldwide thoroughly express themselves, while at the same time better understand the world around them. Our language interpretation services are the best in the industry. With the 6500+ languages being spoken around the world today spoken for, you can rest assured that our language interpreter experts have your needs covered. Trust the language interpreter experts at Translingua to help verbally bridge the communication gap smoothly, seamlessly and comfortably for each and every occasion.