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Since 1980 Translingua provide Certified translator and Hindi Translation services in USA, based in San Diego, California.

Hindi Translation Services: How they can benefit you

The importance of Hindi Translation Services is enormous. Hindi is a language that is spoken all over the world. It is the official language of India. However, Hindi is also spoken in various English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and others. 

It is seen as an important language since Hindi is one of the top four languages ​​in the world. It is also beneficial for businesses to use Hindi translation service.

India is a perfect gateway for agriculture and related sectors, such as logging, forestry, and fishing, and for trade, including in raw materials. With the Hindi translation service, you can communicate better with people who speak Hindi and make agreements and contracts.

How can a Hindi translation service benefit your business? India is the second-most populous country in the world and the fastest developing economy. So you may be losing a lot of potential buyers if you are not focusing on the Indian market yet.

Hindi translation services for government needs

Translingua serves various government agencies, including federal, state and local authorities to provide U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)-certified Hindi interpreting and Hindi document translation, including Hindi website localization, Hindi staff, Hindi transcription, Hindi typesetting and graphics, and more. 

Translingua provides services in Hindi to government-run areas including homeland security, health, energy, labor, finance, agriculture and others. Our security and confidentiality measures are so comprehensive that some of the most sensitive government agencies in the world trust us.

All our documents are translated by professional translators and are certified. We can also notarize your document if required.

Hindi translator

Benefits Of Hindi translation service for businesses

Legal matters may require Hindi translation service

When it comes to legal translations in Hindi, having a certified and professional translator can be very important. With Translingua’s certified Hindi translation service, you can ensure that your work is accurate, error-free and of high quality. Flawless translation services in the United States can be hard to find, but we have you covered! 

In our network of certified linguists, we have legal Hindi translators who have been specially trained in specific practices and legal terms. 

In addition to the translation of Hindi documents, we also offer a range of legal and litigation services, including document management in Hindi, Hindi electronic data discovery, Hindi virtual data rooms, Hindi on-site document identification, Hindi court reports, and Hindi transcription services, plus copyright contracts, wills and trusts, labor and business documents, rental agreements and much more.

Enhance brand visibility

Many skills form the basis of a company’s brand potential. Among them is reaching a broad category of people. To build an image on the world market, you have to overcome the language barrier; that is possible only with translations.

The world’s leading advertising, marketing, and public relations companies trust Translingua to provide the best  Hindi translation service. With a network of more than 4,000 language specialists, we can select the most qualified linguists for your multicultural/multilingual Hindi communication project.

 We provide a variety of solutions to meet our clients’ needs, including multicultural Hindi marketing, Hindi branding advice, Hindi document translation, Hindi typography and graphics, Hindi voice-over and subtitles, Hindi interpreting, Hindi services, Hindi staff, Hindi website localization and more.

Healthcare industry Reaps huge benefit

Healthcare facilities deal with many patients from different cultures and countries. Also, doctors around the world are engaged in research. Language should not interfere with the medical research or the treatment of a patient. 

Professional translations can help increase your credibility. They help ensure that your company — and its brand message — is never lost. With the help of Hindi translation, you can move into the world market. This gives you the edge over your competitors. For branding, it is important to keep your eyes on the targeted market for your business.

When your customers read content in their preferred language, they’ll feel valued. Quality Hindi translation services will greatly increase your visibility.

Many large organizations and businesses spend days, weeks and even months with their market research, to address and expand on their primary audience. With a proper Hindi translation service, any large company can do that.

They can carry out surveys among their target audience. They can get better questionnaires and then translate their answers. The focus on Hindi-speaking communities in every part of the country or state can be critical to a company’s growth and better market research.

When your company website is translated into the native language of your target audience, visitors will spend more time there, and that will also increase your online visibility and sales. 

Therefore, translations can help generate more revenue for your business. These are some of the top reasons your business needs Hindi translation. It can be of great help to any company planning to increase its conversion rate.

To ensure our financial services customers receive the highest quality Hindi translation and related business services, we have Hindi translators and project managers who have training and/or experience in the financial services market. We also provide a range of related business services for financial clients, including Hindi virtual data room solutions. 

Services include  diligence support, Hindi interpreters for meetings and presentations, Hindi website localization, legal compliance advice in Hindi, brand management in Hindi, and training and e-learning support in Hindi. 

Our skilled Hindi translators have experience with a wide variety of financial documents and forms, including annual reports, bankruptcies, prospectuses for stocks and bonds, information sheets, foreign registration applications, fund reports, IPOs, promotional material, monthly bank statements and SEC EDGAR presentations.

Translingua has certified Hindi linguists who have scientific and medical expertise. For example, we serve all types of life science companies, including vendors, payers, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device makers,long with IVDs, CROs, IVR companies, and healthcare marketers.

 All of our specialized Hindi translators have experience working with an array of documents, including Hindi clinical trial questionnaires, Hindi CRFs, Hindi IFUs.

Translingua has served some of the largest and most respected manufacturing and industrial companies in the world. To ensure that our manufacturing customers receive the highest quality Hindi translation and related business services, we employ Hindi translators and project managers who have training and/or experience in specialist manufacturing and technical terminology. 

In addition to the translation of Hindi documents, we also offer Hindi simultaneous interpreting, Hindi consecutive interpreting, Hindi transcription, Hindi personal solutions, diversity and inclusion advice, as well as Hindi typesetting and graphics services.

Our network of linguists includes Hindi translators specially trained in Hindi retail terminology and topics. In addition, our retail clients include multicultural Hindi marketing, Hindi branding consulting, Hindi document translation, Hindi typesetting and graphics, Hindi voice-over and subtitling, Hindi interpreting, Hindi personnel services, Hindi website localization and more.

Technology companies trust Translingua to offer comprehensive solutions to successfully adapt their Hindi projects for worldwide distribution. In our network of specialized linguists, we have Hindi translators with extensive experience in highly technical Hindi subjects and terminology. 

In addition, Hindi technology services include Hindi software localization, Hindi language testing, Hindi internationalization, Hindi documentation translation, Hindi desktop publishing, Hindi voice-over and subtitling, Hindi technical writing, Hindi management system support, Hindi globalization and Hindi website globalization.

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USCIS Certified Hindi Translated Documents

Often, when applying to USCIS for a purpose like immigration, you will need to submit a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or other legal documents, along with the English translation. Because of the high stakes, the U.S. government does not recommend machine translation of documents. Only a professional translator can produce a USCIS-certified English translation that meets all criteria and guarantees acceptance.

USCIS Certified Hindi Translated Documents


A  Hindi translation company can easily connect with growing consumers in India and other parts of the world where Hindi is spoken. With its growing spectrum in daily life, a professional voice translator can also be quite valuable. A translation service provider is equipped with language experts in this field. Our team can translate your documents in no time. 

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A. The translation industry tends to price services according to a price per word, multiplied by the word count. Generally, professional Hindi translation service charge from US$0.08 to $0.28 per word.

A. Translingua is a certified Hindi to English Translator company in the USA. You can certainly get the most professional and certified documents translated here.

A. You can contact any certified translator to translate any other language into English. You just need to provide the translator with a copy of the certified document and they will translate and verify the authenticity of the document against the original. Then they will make it available for the required use.

A. Any professional translator can deliver a certified translation. But the translator must sign a document that ensures that the translation is an exact copy of the original document. A notarized translation requires that a notary attests to the certification process.

A. USCIS requires a certified Hindi translation for any non-English document to be accepted as part of the application. The most common documents submitted to USCIS include vital certificates (e.g., birth, marriage, divorce certificates) and affidavits, certificates, passports, etc.

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