certified translation services

Why are certified translation services required, and when?

Why are certified translation services required, and when? How do certified translation services work? And when are they required? To know why and when certified translations are needed, you must understand what distinguishes certified and uncertified translations. Following is more information about certified translation services.  Certified translations are typically needed for legal documents such as business contracts, court transcripts, immigration documents, adoption and birth documents, and death or marriage certificates.  A certified translation requires that the original document and the translated version be accompanied by a declaration signed by the translator, stating that the translation is complete and correct. Depending on the country and situation, you may need a notary… Read More

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birth certificate translation uscis

Can I Translate My Own Birth Certificate For USCIS?

A birth certificate is the first among the required documents you need to translate, whether you’re planning a visit or settling for smooth immigration to the United States. You might have considered translating your birth certificate to English yourself, but is it a good idea?  Keep reading to learn more about birth certificate translation for USCIS acceptance. Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS – What are the Requirements? The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires submissions of certified translations for all necessary foreign language documents, including your birth certificate. According to USCIS standards, in order for a translation to be certified, the translator must be proven competent to translate… Read More

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