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Foreign Language Translators and interpreters service in San Diego, USA

Reliable Foreign Language Translators

Translingua is proud to be a 100% human language translation service. No matter which of the 6500+ languages and dialects spoken worldwide you need documents translated to or from, your project is handled by a human language translation service team every step of the way. We refuse to use machine-based artificial intelligence (AI) software programs that are horribly inept at retaining the accuracy and integrity of a translated document. Our teams consist of:

We specialize in seamlessly accurate language translation services for individuals and businesses of all sizes, specificities, and cultural affiliations. Our meticulous attention to detail and outstanding customer service has earned us droves of loyal clientele—including various Fortune 500 companies, local and state governments, prominent educational institutions, as well as tens of thousands of people from all across the globe.

Our language translators and interpreters are recognized throughout San Diego and Southern California for the excellent quality of work they perform, and the outstanding customer service they provide, including being:

  • American Translators Association (ATA) Accredited
  • Superior Court Certified in San Diego County and Throughout California
  • Recommended by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, World Trade Center Association, and the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau

Additionally, we have been approved by the Better Business Bureau since 2001 as a Reputable and Reliable Language Translation Service, and we are proudly recognized as a female owned and operated business in the San Diego County area.

Certified Linguists Providing The Personalized Language Translation Touch

Because we offer personalized and individualized language translation solutions for such a culturally and technically diverse array of clientele, we ask for advanced notice of a project when possible—in order to gather the team of linguists, interpreters or educational support staff members that will serve you and your project the best. We offer expedited services when possible. However, please understand that in order to ensure a project is done correctly, and because we do not cut corners by using machine translation software, the more notice you provide the better. For language translation and localization services, please keep in mind that:

  • A human language translation team can properly translate between 2500-3500 words in a 24-hour period of time.
  • If the content requires typesetting or desktop publishing, then additional time is required beyond just translation time

Our current workload, and use of human-based translation protocols dictates our availability to schedule your language translation project. Therefore advanced notice ensures your project will be completed by the time you need it done.

Language interpreting and cultural awareness consultation services also require advanced notice. The following are minimum advanced notice estimates only. If you require a lesser used language, the advanced notice time will increase. Please contact us for an availability and price estimate, while keeping in mind that:

  • At least 24 hours notice is required for telephone language interpreters
  • At least 24-48 hours notice is required for in-person language interpreters
  • At least 48-72 hours notice is required for cultural awareness consultation
  • At least 10 days for simultaneous conference interpretation

We offer complimentary and no-obligation consultations for all of our language translation, language interpreting, localization, and cultural awareness consultation services—which can be obtained over-the-phone, or by uploading your document and filling out the contact form found throughout our website.

You Can Put Your Trust in Translingua’s Language Translators

Whether you require personal or professional language translation services, in-person or telephone interpreters, localization services or cultural awareness education, Translingua is here to serve you. You can feel comfortable knowing that you are making the same intelligent, informed decision hundreds of thousands of people have since 1976—by placing your trust in Translingua, and allowing our dedicated staff to meet all of your needs, while exceeding your every expectation.

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