Importance Of Translation Services During The COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

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Translation companies help move the world with words. They connect communities, families, cultures, and businesses worldwide through languages. Although there has been a decrease in demand for translation services for some major industries like hospitality and travel, in this time of crisis, language services have gained an increased demand for health workers and officials, scientists, regional authorities, and governments. Keep reading to learn more about the importance and availability of translation services during the global pandemic.

How are Translation Companies Coping with COVID-19

Access to language support is critical, especially in times of chaos like this. Many language service providers (LSPs) have developed comprehensive plans to keep their translation services fully operational remotely during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, taking the utmost care and precautions wherever possible.

Interpretation in medical settings has shifted, as well. To cope with the outbreak, several hospitals and large healthcare organizations are starting to advise on-site interpreter staff and contract interpreters, to stay home or work remotely. To ensure that patients get access to accurate medical information, health facilities and interpreting companies have expanded their capabilities to work remotely over the phone and through video conferencing to assist members of the community with limited English proficiency.

Importance of Global Translation and Interpreting

With all the disruption surrounding COVID-19, translation and interpretation have become more critical than ever. For one, translating any content that can positively contribute to the lives of your customers, and the community can help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in multilingual and international markets.

It also increases your brand’s exposure in a time of need. Localizing your company’s charitable announcements, discounted services, donated products, proper hygiene, or other health-related information reveals your business’s human side. It also showcases your compassion and commitment to your clients, no matter where they might live.

The academic field is another critical area in which translation can make a difference in the fight against COVID 19. Translation companies can help medical researchers to communicate the results of their studies and provide feedback. In a situation like this, translation services can streamline communication between laboratories in different parts of the world and give more people access to information in a relatively short time. Also, medical translation requires 100% accuracy.

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Therefore, language service providers should have in-depth knowledge of concepts and terminology to ensure that no detail is added or lost in translation and that the results are worth the effort. Information in native languages lets scientists concentrate on their work instead of wasting time and energy going through reports written in languages that are less easy to use. Furthermore, they can also explain scientific facts and transfer knowledge from science to politicians and citizens. Communication gaps can only leave space for uncertainty, misinformation, and panic, all with adverse effects on citizens’ health and well-being.

Interpretation services play a significant role in many hospitals, as well. Each day, many patients need the help of an interpreter to understand their medical conditions and make informed choices about their care. As misinformation can cause a lot of panic and damage, word-to-word translation between doctor and patient, maintaining patient confidentiality, and accounting for cultural nuances can mean the difference between life and death.

Professional Language Services by Translingua

The Coronavirus outbreak is an unprecedented event and a challenging moment for all citizens around the globe. Despite this, we guarantee full business continuity.

Translingua is committed to meeting your foreign language translation, localization, and interpretation needs to be done best by our certified human translators during the COVID-19 outbreak, as we strive to deliver the highest levels of service through innovative ways of leveraging our people, technology, and methodologies.

Contact us for certified translation services custom-tailored for your needs and let us help you achieve your global potential during the COVID-19 crisis.

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