Professional Insurance Interpreters

Translingua’s professional insurance interpreters provide your company and its foreign language speaking clients with support in over 6500 languages and dialects currently in use worldwide. Our insurance interpreters are native language speakers who also have extensive professional experience with terminology and processes specific to the insurance industry. Our insurance interpreters specialize in:
  • Civil Litigation
  • General Medical Coverage Claims
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • New Client Applications
  • Internal/Public Reports
The insurance industry faces ever-increasing regulation and oversight. Our insurance interpreters help your company mitigate risk through rigid compliance with commercial confidentiality, corporate non-disclosure agreements, and HIPAA privacy protocols.

ASL Interpreter Services for Insurance Companies

Our ASL interpreter services for insurance companies provide certified, highly vetted interpreters to meet the needs of your deaf or hearing impaired customers. Our ASL interpreting services feature interpreters certified in American Sign Language (ASL) through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). Additionally, our interpreters also hold multiple qualification levels, from Novice Level I to Master Level V. These qualifications allow us to provide interpretation in whatever capacity is required, from general customer service to highly technical situations. Contact us to learn more about our ASL interpreter services.

Insurance Translation Services

Translingua also offers comprehensive insurance translation services. Our insurance translation services feature teams of American Translators Association (ATA) certified translators, professional editors/proofreaders, and insurance industry experts working together to ensure your documents read as if they were never translated in the first place. We provide you with translated certification copies of all documents. Our insurance translators can benefit your company by:
  • Providing timely customer service
  • Processing claims investigations
  • Evaluating borderline legal claims
  • Supporting IT and helpdesk service
  • Explaining benefits, packages and quotes to customers
  • Taking written and recorded statements

100% Human Language Translation

Translingua is a 100% human language translation company. We do not use artificial intelligence or machine translation programs that can compromise the accuracy and integrity of your insurance documents. However, our translators and editors do use a database, created by them, of accepted terms and sentences, which makes the translation process efficient and consistent throughout the file. With ATA certified translators and professional proofreaders/editors, you receive reliable, accurate human language translation every time. It is important to place your trust in a human language translation company that does not cut corners, so that your documents are always translated correctly the first time.

Certified Insurance Interpreting Translation Services

Since 1976, Translingua’s conference interpreter services have helped tens of thousands of foreign visitors and deaf or hearing impaired attendees understand, as well as to be better understood by their hosts. Whether you need one ASL conference interpreter for a small meeting, or a comprehensive team of simultaneous interpreters for an auditorium full of visitors, our conference interpreter services have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our conference interpreter services, or to obtain a free quote.