certified vs notarized translations

What’s The Difference Between a Notarized and a Certified Translation?

There are several cases where you may be required to get a document translated. However, in some circumstances, document translation alone may not be enough. For instance, when it comes to legal documents, it is necessary to prove that the translation service you used was qualified and accurate. You will need one of two things to do this: a certified or a notarized translation. Some people think these two are the same, which makes it very confusing especially when used for immigration purposes in the United States. But what’s the difference between a notarized translation and a certified translation? Read further to find the answer to these questions. Certified Translations… Read More

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How Much Does a Certified Translation Service Cost

How Much Does a Certified Translation Service Cost?

A certified translation service is something that one may need at some point in their lives, most especially those who go through legal procedures relevant to immigration. As certified translation keeps getting more and more in-demand, several questions are being raised on how much does a certified translation service actually cost. Read further to learn more about it. What Does it Mean When You Say Certified Translation? Certified translation is necessary for official documents, including education diplomas, birth certificate translation, drivers’ licenses, and more. Outside the common process of having these documents written into another language, these give way for the document to have similar legal value to the original… Read More

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translations during covid 19

Importance of Translation Services During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

Translation companies help move the world with words. They connect communities, families, cultures, and businesses worldwide through languages. Although there has been a decrease in demand for translation services for some major industries like hospitality and travel, in this time of crisis, language services have gained an increased demand for health workers and officials, scientists, and regional authorities and governments. Keep reading to learn more about the importance and availability of translation services during the global pandemic. How are Translation Companies Coping With COVID-19 Access to language support is critical, especially in times of chaos like this. Many language service providers (LSPs) have developed comprehensive plans to keep their translation… Read More

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