Reasons to Pursue a Career in Translation

5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Translation

Have you been thinking about pursuing a career in translation? If you are fluent in at least two languages, this profession is for you! Having the full knowledge and ease of using one or more foreign languages gives you tons of career opportunities. Nowadays, the translation industry is prospering at a fast pace because of the inflated necessities of translation in multinational companies. Even from the smallest things like Mexican menus, Korean dramas and Japanese anime subtitles, translation is needed everywhere, making it a highly-respected and acknowledged profession.  If you’re down to explore new things and are eager to work in different styles, being a translator would be a fantastic… Read More

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definition of a certified translation

The Many Definitions of a “Certified Translation”

Globalization is rapidly blurring the geopolitical boundaries among nations. Now more than ever, we have been engaging with other countries in terms of trade, culture, and education. However, despite this removal of major constraints, language barriers still remain as a critical factor that could make or break our connections to the other nationalities.  For instance, if we send an official document to a country and that particular document is not written in a language they can understand, then chances are miscommunication could arise. This is where the importance of certified translation comes in. But what is a certified translation? In this article, we will walk you through its many definitions… Read More

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certified translation cost

How Much Does a Certified Translation Cost?

Are you looking for certified translation services for your documents but want to know exactly how much does it cost? This is what we’ll be teaching you in this article. Read further to learn more about what certified translation is, why is it important and where to get one, as well as the cost of hiring certified translation services to at least ease one of your possible worries: What are Document Translation Services? Translation is simply defined as a way to convey a message from one language to another by translating through written information.  The purpose why we translate in general is to better understand others, despite cultural and racial… Read More

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legal translation

5 Things You Need to Know About Legal Translation

Translating legal documents into another language is more complex and jargon-heavy compared to a simple language-to-language translation than you think. Not all legal documents are used in courts. There are some instances where legal document translations are required in documents such as terms & conditions, business contracts, and many more.  Accuracy is crucial when it comes to translating legal documents as well. It needs to have the exact same meaning as even minor changes could have potentially catastrophic consequences and could seriously damage Translating legal documents into another language is more complex and jargon-heavy compared to a simple language-to-language translation than you think. Not all legal documents are used in… Read More

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best practices in financial translation

What are the Best Practices in Financial Translation?

Businesses nowadays are steadily adapting to globalization. Conducting business with other countries comes with legal obligations that are subject to being overlooked if not analyzed and overseen by an expert in the field. This led to the rise of demand for business document translations. Meetings and conferences that take place in English are sometimes required to be translated into other languages as well. Financial translations hence took the stage and helped eloquently express important business documents in the client’s required language. What is Financial Translation? Financial translation refers to a type of technical translation of business documents such as business plans, statements, contracts, and reports from one language to another.… Read More

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